I’m interesting in the motion graphics applied in TV. I like the way that channels promote their identities and the different techniques that they use in animation.
My proposal is to produce a design for a TV channel.
At first time I thought to create a new channel but later I saw that I would spend a lot of time designing a programation so I decided to refresh the image of a channel that exists already.
My project consists to design a new logo for the TV channel and their motion graphic (identifying elements, closures promo, pathfinder and copyright).
The target market of my proposal is the audience of the TV channel.


I love this animations so I would like to make something related to this:

MTV / Sweet x 1000% / Sweetheart from Universal Everything on Vimeo.


I selected a TV channel from Spain called 'TV3'. TV3 is the main television channel of Catalunya Television. Its first broadcast took place on September 11, 1983. Since then has had a general programming for all audiences, which is characterized by a commitment to own production and the development of the Catalan language and culture.


The first logo was from 1983 to December 31, 1992, with the following elements: two capital letters “TV” in blue with transparent lines on top, and the number 3 that is based on the Catalan’s flag. In the middle of the logo, the inscription of the company.

The second design was implemented on January 1, 1993, and introduced the triangle with the flag, created by Josep Maria Trias. Inside a yellow square, appeared at the top “TV” with Futura font, while the bottom was the triangle with the number 3 on the right.

The current image was introduced May 9, 2005.


Since the last new image their motion graphics are based in a 'play' between the number 3 and the triangle of the logo and always in a mirror-space of a only one gradient color (red, blue, green, etc).


The current logo is formed by the combination of the Catalan flag and the number 3:

First of all I did several tests with different typefaces.

However, then I thought that could be better not to change so much the typeface because it could be a 'big change' to the audience, so I decided to use the same typeface but with more thickness. Moreover this new shape has rounded sides to make it look more 'friendly'.

Then I made a test, I just added a gradient in the number. It was very similar to the actual logo, so I don't like it.

Then I combined the lines (that represents the catalan flag) of the triangle to the number to make it more simple. I tested it with red and yellow the two colours of the flag.

I like a lot the red one but it was so early to choose a final logo so I did some new tests combining different shapes.

Nevertheless, the one I like the most was the first one so I decided to choose it to my project.


I started this new step of the project making some sketches of how could be the animation. Here there is one of my sketches:

I thought that it would be good to 'play' with the lines of the number 3. Here some tests:

In the last one I added one focus light but I did some new test adding a green background.

It seems ok but I preffered to go in a different way so I started to thinking in the logo in 3 dimensions and I draw some sketches how could be the animation.

To have a good idea I designed the logo in 3ds Max.

I like a lot this result so I decided to done it in 3D. In this case I delete the gradient of the logo and the logo it's only red. But when the logo is in the screen it will not in 3D, just the front image of the logo and always in white on the top right.


I did several tests of motion graphics and finally this one is the final project.

In my motion graphics I designed a blue background.

The typeface I used is Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold. I choose it because it was the one which suits best with my logo with their shape. The typafece will be always a combination of red and grey.

The logo will appears from the ground in every animation and the text will be written like typewriter.

To show some images of the programmes I used a inkdrop image to be more powerfull and different.

To the music a use a music without copyright that I found on internet and seems interesting and 'clever' because with my new image I want to show the TV3 channel with more elegance and modern.

I designed 3 differents tv Idents that would appears between the publicity etc.

Ident 1

Ident 2

Ident 3

Then before every programme will appear this menu that shows what programme we are watching.

Continuity menu.

When we are watching a programme a litlle 'tittle' will appear to show promos from other programes of the tv channel.


When it's time to publicity will appears this that means: "We are back in 60 seconds".

We are back 1

And the same when the programme starts again.

"we are back"

When a Tv programme finish will appear this:


I liked a lot this module because it was a good way to work with something that you are really interested. I learned a lot about tv idents and I would like to continue in this field in the future. With this project I learned to manage a litlle 3ds Max and its very interesting. I'm proud of the final results.